Venus Retrograde: July 27 – September 8, 2007

Venus, the planet representing love, attraction, and what we value, from our Earth-based vantage point appears to be moving backward in the sky during this time. This occurs about every 18 months.

  • General Influences: Relationships, especially romantic ones, may come under reevaluation during this time. You’re also more apt to meet relationships from the past. New relationships that develop now may not last beyond mid October. This is not the time to make major cosmetic changes to your physical appearance (especially plastic surgery), as you will probably regret the results. It is also best to avoid purchases of big ticket items. You’ll wish you had bought something different, plus it will probably be cheaper later. Since Venus rules financial matters (especially banking), it’s important to carefully scrutinize your transactions and reexamine your budget.
  • Stockmarket: Venus rules currency values. Lending standards will become tighter and the rates will be higher. The retrograde period will reveal that the retail and investment banks are holding more bad debt than they care to admit.

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