Saturday, July 7, 2007

We feel ambitious and eager to get going early today. Last Quarter Moon occurs at 12:54 PM. For the USA, the Moon falls in the seventh house of marriage. Today is 7/7/7 and a lot of couples are getting married today. While any marriage can be happy and long-lasting through the couple’s efforts regardless of wedding date, it certainly helps to choose the most auspicious date and time for the wedding. Unfortunately, 7/7/7 doesn’t qualify. First, Mercury is retrograde (see Commentary section for two posts). This can only work if both the bride and groom have been previously married. Mercury is also opposite Pluto which can indicate power struggles between the two. The Sun (male/yang energy) & Moon (female/yin energy) are challenging each other when you want them in harmony. Having the couple’s emotional needs (the Moon) in the sign Aries may make the couple more emotionally impulsive and preoccupied with their own needs rather than sharing. Venus is still conjoined with Saturn which can make the marriage more of a status symbol. The couple’s combined assets may be less than they anticipated.

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