GM: Healthcare & 2008 Election

CFO Fritz Henderson doesn’t seem to believe that universal healthcare is coming to America anytime soon, so GM must address it themselves. I understand his skepticism. However, looking at the issue astrologically shows major healthcare reform will be the number one domestic issue in next year’s presidential election.

From September 2, 2007 to July 22, 2010 Saturn (structure, status quo) will be in Virgo (health). Saturn is limits and boundaries. The number of Americans who get dropped from employer-sponsored health plans will substantially rise. These people will not be able to obtain individual health policies at any price due to the most trivial (Virgo) reasons.

On Election Day 2008, Uranus (the awakener) in Pisces (the universal) will oppose Saturn in Virgo. Uranus demands revolutionary change from those in charge (Saturn). The presidential candidate who is committed to implementing a healthcare plan that will guarantee equal access to all and in turn save money and efficiencies in the long run, will win. The fact that Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces will oppose each other four times (11/4/08, 2/5/09, 9/15/09, 4/26/10) instead of three, shows how important it will be.

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