Chemical Reactions

“Mars square Neptune aspecting the June 25, 2007 alignment of Saturn/Neptune will keep the market focused on bad debt, interest rates, and higher oil.” – my Summary of This Week’s Influences: July 23-29, 2007, posted on 7/21/07

Mars rules action (as well as accidents) and Neptune rules chemicals and liquids. The square aspect creates friction. This resulted in several manifestations yesterday:

  • DuPont (DD) – the chemical giant disappoints on weakness in the auto and housing markets.
  • Crude oil spikes after closing down in the prior three trading sessions. The most commonly cited reason was Chicago electronic trading down for 80 minutes. However, another factor was a pipeline rupture outside Vancouver.
  • Geopolitical: Iran: Ahmadinejad on state television said: “Iran will never abandon its peaceful nuclear work.” (Nigeria: Astrologically, I don’t foresee the situation improving in the near future.)
  • A series of explosions at Southwest Industrial Gases in Dallas. At least three people are hospitalized; portions of two interstates were shut down and the surrounding areas evacuated.

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