Unhealthy Guidance

Uninsurable at any Price:
Larry Kudlow is right in saying that health insurance should be freed from employment and big government. However, he does not tell us whether he would qualify for a medically underwritten individual policy in today’s market.

How long do you wait?
The Wall Street Journal and their “free market friends” have made it their daily duty to “inform” us of the long waits in the British and Canadian healthcare systems. They compare the best insured Americans with the British and Canadian populations as a whole. Many studies that have compared the U.S. population as a whole with the British and Canadian populations, have shown better overall health for these non-U.S. populations.

The WSJ often cites non-critical operations (such as hip replacement) between the U.S. and national health systems. A better comparison would be cardiac events and other time-critical operations.

To be fair to the British and Canadians, I as an American have never been to a doctor that has kept his appointment time.

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