Thursday, June 14, 2007

  • General Influences: The New Moon occurs at 11:13 PM tonight. The New Moon is about new beginnings as it’s the beginning of the new 28.5 day lunar cycle. Because of Mercury stationing (see Friday’s entry for explanation), this New Moon is about a new emotional/mental beginning rather than initiating external changes. Use the next month to think through what your real priorities should be. It’s important to get grounded both literally and figuratively as there are still no planets in the practical earth element. The New Moon chart challenges the USA chart’s Mars and Neptune, as well as the 2003 Iraq invasion chart. The military is going to get into the war deeper and even longer than what the Administration is admitting. Mercury in the New Moon chart for the USA will reveal more tainted food/liquids which may affect babies or younger children. Jerusalem, Libya, Saudi Arabia, and Syria will be more prominent in news events from the Middle East.
  • Stockmarket: Market strongest (positive) around 3:00 PM.

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