The Summer Solstice: June 21, 2007

The Sol (Sun) stice (stands still), the start of summer and the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere occurs on Thursday, June 21 at 2:07 PM. This marks the start of the Sun’s entry in the sign Cancer, the second cardinal sign. The Cardinal (action, initiation) signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn mark the four seasons.

The Solstice chart set for the USA (a three month influence) shows the government’s continued focus and world dominance in foreign matters on multiple fronts. Because planets in the chart adversely affect the USA’s horoscope, there will be an attack or attempted attack on the USA during this period which will involve a woman or group of women who probably are or were recently employed in some type of research or medical facility where liquids are present. The focus of an attack would be the same – to destroy the economy. It probably would be through what’s been attempted before – transportation systems, particularly those going below the surface. Unexpected ways could be through the air/food/liquids, or a transportation disruption of getting these. There could be a sudden health outbreak or shortage of medicine. The event will disrupt people’s daily routines. The media will be more focused on getting to the bottom of what’s going on than their usual superficial stuff. Violent storms could affect central Minnesota and Iowa, western Missouri and Arkansas, and the Louisiana/Texas border and into the Gulf of Mexico. Safety/security issues may concern the Los Angeles and Spokane, Washington areas. Periods of strong rain and gusty winds will affect Cuba, Bahamas, Miami and the Florida east coast, the central parts of the Carolinas, Virginia/West Virginia, and western Pennsylvania and New York.

The stockmarket will continue to have wild swings in either direction. As the summer progresses, the swings will become more bearish, particularly the closer we get to September 11. I am saying this because there will be a Solar Eclipse on that day and several “heavy” planetary alignments leading up to the eclipse that affect many charts including the USA, NYSE, FOMC, Bush, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, start of Iraq war.

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