“Alien implant found in his brain; goes berserk during ‘Lightning Round’”

(This is an above the fold story to appear in an upcoming Wall Street Journal edition after Rupert Murdoch acquires the newspaper.)

That’s what the Bancroft family really fear will become of their newspaper, but are afraid to say it. They don’t want their prestigious paper to bear the headlines of a trash tabloid. Instead they pretend that they’re so concerned about protecting the integrity of their Opinion pages, when the reality is the politics would remain mostly intact.

Part of the Dow Jones & Co. Mission Statement reads: “…and for the profit of free people and free markets”, yet the WSJ’s Review & Outlook has been relentless in its support of just about everything on the Bush administration’s agenda as if the White House press secretary is faxing the content and they just typeset it.
News Corp. owning the Journal is no different than every other media outlet being controlled by a conglomerate. It’s all about money, and Murdoch knows he can buy out the Bancrofts. Murdoch’s next stop: The New York Times (“All the News that’s fit to Profit”).

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