Saturday, June 30, 2007

  • General Influences: Dreams before dawn may prove meaningful later, so you may want to jot it down. The FULL MOON occurs at 9:49 AM in Capricorn. This full moon always highlights the need to find balance in career and home matters. It’s a time to really review the year so far and what you want your priorities to be and how to meet them for the rest of the year and beyond. Relationships, especially romantic ones, may be strained now. Some relationships may dissolve completely between now and mid-October, while others will become closer after this time period. The root cause is financial.
  • USA Full Moon/Hot Spots: President Bush’s approval drops further. Congress will play on this, and try to resurrect a momentum for impeachment. More adverse drug news may come out that would particularly affect women. The Midwest heat affects crops. In the Middle East, Iraq and especially Baghdad will face many more surprise attacks in the most “secured” places. Attacks may occur in Saudi Arabia as well. Iran acts arrogant. Israeli Prime Minister Olmert will be prominent. More suicide bombings in Afghanistan. China is very affected by this Full Moon; expect similar effects to the late February Shanghai selloff. There may be an earthquake in Tokyo/southern Japan.

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