The Return of “The 4400”

Sunday at 9:00 PM on USA Network begins season four of “The 4400”. (If you haven’t seen it, has some online episodes; earlier seasons are on DVD.)

The 4400 are the number of people abducted at various ages and decades throughout the world by humans in the future. They all simultaneously return to Earth at the ages they were when they left, only now each person has unique super-human abilities. (My favorite is the little girl, Maia who accurately predicts the future.) Of course, there’s good guys, bad guys, and government guys (NTAC – National Threat Assessment Command) monitoring them.

Last season ended when vials of Promicin, a neurotransmitter extracted from the 4400 that if taken by a “regular” human will either kill you or give you 4400-type abilities, was stolen and began to be consumed by the general population.

Wouldn’t big pharma love to create Promicin that wouldn’t kill you but instead have a cardiac event or treatment effects?

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