Party’s Over

The financial gains of hedge funds, private equity, and leveraged buyouts have correlated with Saturn’s transit of Leo (July 16, 2005 – September 2, 2007). Saturn is about limits: Stock buybacks increase value by limiting the number of outstanding shares. The sign Leo rules speculation in all forms. Leo is represented by the leader or CEO. Combining these energies benefits those in power (controlling a company or hedge fund).

During the time Saturn is in Leo, it is enhanced by the Neptune in Aquarius opposition. Neptune rules credit and inflation, while Aquarius rules pooling or packaging of assets. Neptune dissolves things such as a public company and easy credit facilitates the process. Saturn and Neptune exactly align opposite each other three times – August 31, 2006, February 28, 2007, and June 25, 2007.

It is the final alignment of planetary aspects that always packs the most punch and has reverberations felt beyond that date. These aspects begin to unwind in July/August and will culminate with a market meltdown around the September 11, 2007 solar eclipse. (The effects of an eclipse can be felt a few months before and after the specific date.)

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