Mercury Retrograde, Part II

During 2007, Mercury will spend its retrograde periods in the three water signs of the zodiac: Pisces (February 13 – March 7), Cancer (June 15 – July 9), and Scorpio (October 12 – November 1).

Mercury in Cancer is the most emotional of the water signs since Cancer is ruled by the Moon which represents our instinctual, emotional nature. Like its symbol the crab, we create a shell – physically as our home, and mentally to protect our feelings from the world at large.

During this time (Mercury will remain in Cancer until August 4), our thoughts and conversations revolve more around what makes us feel secure and nurtured, family, childhood memories, and home/real estate. Mercury retrograde is always a good time to houseclean and get organized. In Cancer, it’s time to stop being such a packrat and clean out! Family members you’ve been out of touch with are more likely to be in contact with you now. People tend to feel more nostalgic and patriotic during this transit. Cancer energies are especially strong since the Moon will be in Cancer at the time Mercury goes retrograde. Spending time in water or gazing at it, as well as drinking lots of it, will soothe the nervous system.

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