Mercury Retrograde: June 15 – July 9, 2007

Mercury, planet of communication, from our (Earth-based) vantage point appears to be moving backward in the sky during this time. Mercury is so fast it can make a revolution around the Sun in 88 days. However, three times a year for about 20-24 days each time, Mercury goes retrograde, so its real cycle around the Sun is one year.

During the retrograde times (which will again occur October 12 – November 1), you want to put the “Re” prefix in front of everything you do, as in review, revise, reinvent, reestablish, reconfirm, etc. Slow down and really think about what you’re doing instead of being on autopilot in a rush. Take extra time to allow for delays or cancellations – be more flexible now. If you can avoid making major life decisions until after this time, do so. If not, read, and re-read contracts before signing them. Realize that things may not work out exactly as you thought they would. Now is the time to reestablish contacts from the past – a deal that didn’t come to fruition before may just be able to happen now (but tread very carefully starting something completely new).

It’s especially important at this time to backup your computer files and be extra vigilant about running security scans. All communications and electronics devices are more prone to breakdowns at this time, so you might want to have pen, pad, and calculator handy instead of just the PC and PDA.
Mercury retrograde usually creates weird weather patterns which in turn create travel delays/cancellations. (The last retrograde was February 13 – March 7; a time Jet Blue Airways will not forget, for example.) As I mentioned in a prior post, Mercury retrograde also creates unpredictability and reversals in the markets. Technical indicators are usually not reliable. Keep in mind that information released during this time may not be the real deal either. Likewise, the truth about a past matter may surface now.

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