Friday, June 22, 2007

  • General Influences: Virgo Moon becomes VOC at 2:50 AM. Moon enters sociable Libra at 7:43 AM. The First Quarter Moon occurs at 9:15 AM. This lunation is emphasized due to its occurrence at the beginning of a cardinal sign and squaring the Summer Solstice. Congress is focused on reviving or revisioning bills dealing with economic and communications/transportation matters. Despite the University of Michigan’s optimistic inflation expectation numbers from last week, the public (especially women) are worried about financial matters. (The Michigan longer term inflation outlook is lower than the shorter term inflation outlook.) The stockmarket continues to load up on debt, determined to keep the party going. Earthquakes are possible in the Los Angeles area, and from central CA/western Nevada to central Oregon and Washington. Windy conditions for Minneapolis, central Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, and western Louisiana. Beirut, Gaza/West Bank, Jerusalem, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, India, and Pakistan (Bhutto returns?) are prominent.
  • Stockmarket: Wild - one way or the other.

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